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Illegal Downloading

 The advent of prosecuting individuals for illegal downloading is a recent one, and only a few attorneys have experience dealing with these new and complex cases. If you are accused or approached by a law firm, saying you have illegally downloaded copyrighted materials, you may be aware of the severe monetary penalties often demanded in these suits. These suits often have expansive lists of defendants, and target individuals who have downloaded pornography in order to ‘shame’ them into settling quickly and quietly, without representation, so as to not allow their friends and family to be aware of these often embarrassing charges. The charges often stem from downloads made via an IP address in one’s name, however, individuals may be shocked to find that they are being sued for something they themselves didn’t download, but rather a family member, or someone nearby on their wireless internet downloaded on their IP address.For an affordable rate the Law Offices of James Gross will seek dismissal, or broker an amicable agreement with the big law firms which handle these cases, and can make what is for many defendants in these cases their first experience in the courts and certainly their first experience being sued considerably easier and less burdensome.

One can feel extorted in these situations, however there is a growing body of legal precedence, which when utilized by an experienced attorney, can be used to dismantle these often sloppily assembled cases. Individuals often mistakenly believe that in not hiring an attorney they are more apt to maintain their anonymity, however in hiring an attorney one may indeed be far more able to preserve their good name, in not being published in a list of defendants, having the case dismissed, etc. Another persistent myth, aiding those law firms and media companies engaged in these extortion like suits is the idea that lawyer fees and the process of fighting these allegations in court is more cumbersome and expensive than simply accepting the settlement offered by the accusing firm. As amounts typically suggested by firms in these settlements generally fall within the 1,000 to 5,000 dollar range, this may indeed be true if one is considering a high-priced, or big city law firm to represent you in this situation. However, few if any of these firms have the expertise in this particular and new area of the law, the education, awards, and qualifications which the Law Office of James Edward Gross possesses, for an incredibly affordable rate, invalidating the myth of unreasonably expensive representation in these suits. Do not allow yourself to be bullied into paying these shady media companies and firms extravagant settlement fees, contact the affordable and experienced representation of the Law Office of James Edward Gross today, and schedule a free consultation at his Albany office, at 518-591-4643.

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