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An Experienced immigration Defense Attorney
                 Contact New York Immigration Defense Attorney James Gross if you believe you, a member of your family, or business is being investigated or accused of an immigration related crime. We realize it is nearly always a shock; however it is imperative that you contact an experienced attorney in this area immediately. Our mission at James Gross Law Firm is to provide highly experienced and qualified representation, to ensure affordable fair treatment, as we understand this can be one of the most trying periods of one’s life.

                As a citizen accused of assisting an immigrant or other related crimes, or as an immigrant accused of crimes yourself, the decision to act quickly and obtain experienced representation has the potential to not only save you, your loved ones, or business money, fines and incarceration, deportation and the significant worry of handling federal prosecutors alone or with inadequate or inexperienced counsel. The immigration system can be intimidating and frighteningly complex, particularly for non-US citizens or US citizens without experience in the courts or the immigration system. The experienced and dedicated advocacy of the James Gross Law Firm will mediate what can be extreme consequences, confusion and stress for you and your loved ones. With our over 25 years of experience and expertise, we have learned not only the intricacies of this complex part of our legal system, but the importance of developing relationships with clients and responding individually to their unique needs.

                 Non-US Citizens accused of illegal border crossing, other crimes, and their families wanting to keep them in the US can feel hopeless. However, the earlier you reach out for experienced representation, the greater our ability to prepare a successful defense tailored to the specific circumstances of your case and situation. At James Gross Law Firm we provide diligent and knowledgeable representation affordably, ensuring you or your loved one rigorous, caring, and personalized advocacy in what can be one of the most stressful and challenging periods of anyone’s life.

                Many New Yorker’s have found themselves unwittingly participating in an immigration related crime, facing the intimidating and seemingly insurmountable weight of federal prosecution. Often individuals believing they were merely committing a benign good deed, helping a friend, relative, or significant other with a ride from Canada not aware they were committing a crime. Facing an accusation as severe as smuggling an illegal alien, one can feel isolated and helpless. As a former Trial Attorney for the Federal Department of Justice, Mr. Gross understands how the government operates and, he will advocate and prepare exhaustively for you and your particular case, ensuring the best possible results for you or your loved ones.

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