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If you have been charged with DWI, its sister offense DUI, or another traffic related crime, it is important to realize the severity, and complexity of these charges and proceedings. Although, as after one is convicted of DWI, one often mistakenly believes that hiring an attorney can be an unwarranted additional cost, driving up the cost of what they believe to be an implicitly expensive proposition. However, they are sorely mistaken, obtaining experienced and, this is very important, reasonably affordable representation, can in fact lead to an outright dismissal of the case or a more reasonable and often significantly less financially taxing sentence. There is strenuous protocol for field sobriety tests, and if one has been given a sobriety test with improper procedure, missing a necessary step, or other problems, through strenuous investigation by the Law Office James Gross these errors will be analyzed and charges will be dismissed if at all possible. With over twelve years of experience with Aggravated DWI, DWI, and DUI we realize there all no small cases, and will devote all of our resources towards achieving the best possible result in your case.

Throughout New York State we handle a variety of traffic offenses including but not limited to;

-         -  DWI

-          - Aggravated DWI

-          - DUI

-          - DWAI

-         -  Felony DWI

-         - Suspended License

-         - Vehicular Homicide

-         - Driving without a License

-         - Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Cases

                 Getting a DWI, if one obtains experienced representation is not the financial death sentence one often assumes it to be. With over twelve years’ experience dealing with DWI and DUI cases, we fight hard to maintain your freedom to drive throughout these proceedings, as we realize this can often be the most damning part of a DWI sentence, impairing not only your ability to freely enjoy life, but placing a significant strain on making an income. With our experience and diligence to your case we will remain dedicated and fight for you throughout the entirety of the trying DWI process. Do not pay a ticket, as this is an admission of guilt, and before you have any further contact with Law Enforcement which may impair your case in the future, contact the Law Offices of James Gross at 518-591-4643, and set up a free consultation today.

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