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                 If Criminal Charges have been made against you in New York State, you will need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to diligently represent you, and thoroughly defend your rights. Contact James Gross, an award winning former Department of Justice Trial Attorney, with many years of experience in a variety of areas of Criminal Defense in New York State, for a free consultation. We pride ourselves in providing experienced, affordable, and dedicated representation.

 Drug Charges

                 Drug Charges should not be taken lightly, and can impose serious consequences on one’s life beyond even the often harsh criminal penalties imposed by the sentence; these include seizure of property by the government, as well as a severe limitation of employment, education, and even credit opportunities such as  home mortgages, or car loans. At the Law Office of James Gross we will diligently fight for you, from charges ranging from Possession of Marijuana, to RICO Conspiracies, felony Inter-state Trafficking and beyond.

                 Drug cases often involve serious penalties, including significant periods of incarceration. At the Law Office of James Gross we work hard to test the way that police officers and agents procure, prepare, and deliver evidence. We do not accept anything posited by the State or Federal government without our own investigation and analysis, as there are a litany of ways which an experienced attorney may find to remove pieces of evidence from the record, such as illegal search and seizures. We will diligently pursue the outright dismissal of cases after our own exhaustive investigation and analysis, often on the basis of unwarranted severe penalties or charges, lack of evidence, or errors on the part of police and prosecutors in the procurement and preparation of evidence. As part of this investigation we thoroughly examine the police reports, conduct our own interviews of witnesses, and carefully review drug test results. We handle State and Federal charges pertaining to, Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Methamphetamine, Prescription Drugs, Ecstasy, and many more, dealing with charges such as:

-          Drug Possession

-          Possession w/ the intent to deliver, sale, or distribute narcotics

-          Manufacturing of Narcotics (Cultivation, Operation of a Meth Lab, etc.)

-          Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

-          Drug Importing

-          Drug Trafficking

-          Drug Conspiracy

-          RICO Charges


Sex Crimes

                 It is often said that no crime contains the intense social stigma which comes with sex crimes. The charges alone, along with their subsequent publicity, can have lasting and highly deleterious effects on yourself, your family, and your business or place of employment. If you suspect yourself to be, or are indeed charged or suspected of a sex crime, it is incredibly important that you contact experienced representation, so that you can limit your exposure to these accusations, as well as maintain that your rights and innocence. Contact James Gross Esquire if you believe yourself to be under investigation for a Sex Crime. It is imperative that a knowligble individual protect your rights in the complicated process of determining guilt with highly aggressive prosecutors and police officers, protect your good name by limiting exposure should you be formally charged, and your freedom should the state or federal government’s case go to trial.

                 New York Sex Crimes Attorney James Gross provides, affordable, discrete, aggressive, and experienced representation for those accused of Sex Crimes, representing clients across New York State, if you have been charged or believe yourself to be under investigation please contact us for a free consultation and experienced representation at 518-591-4643.

At the Law Office of James Gross we provide representation for ALL sex crimes, of such varied nature as;

-          Date Rape

-          Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography

-          Prostitution

-          Lewd Act

-          Sexual Misconduct

-          Computer or Internet Sex Crimes

-          Rape

-          Lewd Conduct with a Minor

-          Solicitation

-          State and Federal Charges of a Sexual Nature

-          Indecent Exposure

-          Child Pornography manufacture, downloading, possession or distribution

-          Statutory Rape

A Sex Crime carries some of the stiffest and most stigmatizing criminal penalties of any class of crimes, including being required to register to a publicly available Sex Offender Registry for the rest of your life. Long term probation, being forced to notify neighbors of your status, and long term Jail and prison sentences.

The Law Office of James E Gross is highly experienced and provides dedicated investigation and analysis of every particular piece of evidence, diligent representation and protection of your rights through the litany of procedures in these complicated cases, ensuring every advantage for you should the state or federal government decide to take your case to trial. Our dedication to our clients in every facet of these difficult cases is a key part of our success, as well as our personalized, and affordable representation specifically tailored to your case and situation.

White Collar

 If you are accused or suspect yourself or your business to be accused of fraud, identity theft, or another white collar crime, it is imperative you contact experienced representation immediately. Representing clients throughout New York State, the Law Office of James Edward Gross can help you and your business recover from what can be incredibly damaging accusations and sentences.

                Although charges such as Fraud and embezzlement can seem daunting and overwhelming, the Law Office of James Edward Gross has the requisite experience to engage successfully with the state in these complicated matters. Mr. Gross as a former Trial Attorney for the United States Department of Justice successfully pursued a number of high profile white collar cases for the federal government. This experience with how the government handles these cases is an essential factor in Mr. Gross’s ability to represent his client’s effectively as he personally has intimate knowledge of the procedures by which the government will seek conviction, as well as exactly what stresses and motions need to be applied in order to achieve an outright dismissal, generous plea bargain, or settlement. Engaging the government in a sober, prepared way with experienced representation early is incredibly important, as in these complicated cases the government will certainitly have long term preparation behind their case. Make sure the attorney you hire has substantive knowledge and experience in the particular area in which you are accused, the complicated and distinct standards of evidence, and sentencing guidelines in state and federal courts require direct experience, as knowledge of procedure, case law, standard of evidence, or precedent may be the difference between your case going to trial and possibly on the public record, or your case being dismissed for lack of evidence, etc.

 Contact the Law Office of James Edward Gross immediately if you’ve been charged of a crime such as those listed below, for an affordable lawyer with uniquely experienced advocacy in these complicated cases on both sides of the courtroom. Schedule a free consultation at his Albany, New York office today.

Violent Crimes

If you have been charged with Domestic Violence, Assault, Murder, Weapons Charges, or another Violent Crime, experienced Violent Crime’s attorney James Edward Gross can offer affordable and experienced help. If you are facing criminal charges, call 518-591-4643 and set up an appointment at Mr. Gross’s State Street Office in Albany.

                 As an experienced and award winning trial attorney James Gross, has the ability to quickly assess the merits and weakness’s  will not hesitate to seek a non-guilty verdict at trial, or to overturn a past conviction for yourself or a loved one in an appeal’s court. The Law Office of James Edward Gross has the experience and expertise to handle violent crimes, and his rates are flexible. If you have been charged with any of the crimes below, or any other violent crime, contact The Law Offices of James Gross at 518-591-4643 for a free consultation with a highly experienced attorney.

Traffic Violations

At The Law Offices of James Edward Gross we handle all traffic violations, from speeding, driving through a red light, to vehicular manslaughter and DWI. With over ten years handling these cases we offer affordable rates, and personalized service.

If you have been charged with a Traffic Violation, seek the experienced advocacy of the Law Offices of James Edward Gross.  Even a minor offense can increase insurance premiums, and make it difficult to obtain affordable insurance in the future; more severe criminal charges can of course have a profound influence on one’s life, without properly experienced advocacy one is at risk for severe penalties.

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